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The Characters: Don Raphael Montero

"Your daughter is lost, de le Vega. You cannot have mine." 

Humiliated and scorned by the outlaw Zorro whom the people heartily support, Montero's anger drove him to have one last violent strike before he had to flee California at the hands of Santa Anna. Arranging an execution in the square he found what he sought... Zorro, but the man in black escaped him and fled home. However, for some time he had been suspicious of Don Diego de le Vega and his suspicions are confirmed to find that yes, he has a wound where he was slashed in the square.

In the fray, Montero's old girlfriend and now Diego's wife Esperanza is killed and as a last thought he takes her child to raise as his own. Fleeing California he does not return for twenty years, convinced that Diego (and Zorro) are dead. But an unwelcome surprise awaits him when another man in black begins to haunt his every shadow. His plans for the salvation of California by stolen gold may be threatened if this new enemy even gains wind of what they're up to...

Character Traits

Cocky and yet careful, Montero's security is easily shattered when Zorro makes a reappearance. He is in danger of loosing everything... his stolen daughter, his land, his titles, his money... even his life at the hands of this old foe. And he takes it with a grain of salt... pressing his fear into anger forced upon Captain Love, who in turn becomes more brutal. 

Memorable Moments:

When he realizes for the first time that Diego is indeed alive... that scene in the corridor where he must confess Elena's true parents at the point of a sword. An excellent scripted and executed scene that leaves quite an impression. 

Memorable Quotes:

"A woman's grasp of politics. What can I say?"

"I want you to live with the knowledge that you have lost everything that you hold dear. I want you to suffer as I have suffered, knowing that your child should have been mine."

"You know, I'm beginning to wonder if you really want this plan to succeed at all, Captain Love. What I'm saying is that my horse could win this war better than you!"