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You Know You're Obsessed When...


1. You stand in Blockbuster for an hour trying to decide between the widescreen or the formatted version of The Mask of Zorro, knowing full well that you own both at home. (To show support, you rent it at least once a week.)

2. You send four e-mails a day from your personal PC, six from work, eight written letters (all with different return addresses) and make two telephone calls to Columbia-Tristar, praising the magnificent epic and demanding a sequal in 2002.

3. You have an obsession with period clothing, and your husband wonders why the heck you wear that bloody corset around the house. He, however, refuses to wield a kitchen knife (aka, "fencing foil") when confronted with the accusation of having stolen something from your father.

4. Your family have heard Zorro quotes so many times, they're not funny anymore... and are rather part of normal conversation. However, the ranch owner gives you a funny look when you say that "all that running around, playing with swords, it is not suitable work for a gentleman."