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Gun & Games: Elena de le Vega Quiz

Think you're familiar enough with the film to answer these questions? This is compiled of the most difficult questions I could come up with, and only true blue Elena fans will know the answers. To see the answers, highlight the blank area beneath the question.

1. How many times did Elena change her clothes in the film?

A:    Eight times


2. How many times is she seen wearing jewelry? (With individual dresses)

A:    Eight times; she wears jewelry in all but two of her scenes.


3. Elena wore jewelry to the fiesta. What did she wear?

A:   Two diamond-shaped earrings, a black choker with a matching pennant, and a gold hair clip.


4. Elena went to see "Bernardo" in the barn. What color were her shoes?

A:   Black


5. When did Elena mention "climbing in and out of carriages"?

A:   At the fiesta, when she and Alejandro were arguing over the "pursuit of a gentleman." Alejandro had said that all that fighting and slashing with a blade was hardly the work of a proper gentleman, and Elena replied as to what was? "Climbing in and out of carriages?"


6. Elena was given some flowers on the beach. How may buds were there?

A: Two


7. There is one brief scene where Elena is not wearing a petticoat. Where in the film is this?

A: This scene is at the mines, when Elena runs to let the slaves out of their prison. She leaps over a fallen piece of wood, and her skirt flies up, showing part of her bare legs. This is ironic, as she would have been wearing petticoats and bloomers in the very least. (Catherine Zeta-Jones comments that as it was unbearably hot on the Mine Set, she went without.)


8. Why did Elena challenge Zorro in the barn?

A:   For one thing, it was an excuse to see him again; and for another, she wanted back whatever he had stolen from her father. With a grin, I must add that thirdly, it was a chance to show him that she was not the "proper" young woman she was thought to be in that she could fence as well as he.


9. Where in the film does Elena wear a black dress?

A:   When Diego infiltrates into the hacienda and holds blade to Montero's throat.


10. What did Elena say she used to do when she was little?

A:   Her nanny used to say that a party in heaven could see you in the moonlight, so she would ride across the fields at night and wave to the sky so that her mother would know it was her.


11. How did Elena say her mother had died?

A:   By giving birth to her.


12. What was Elena's response when the woman in the marketplace told her about Esperanza and Diego?

A:   She replies that the woman must have been mistaken, for her mother had died "long ago in Spain"


13. When did Elena realize that Montero was not her father?

A:   Undoubtedly, she knew for certain when he held a gun to her throat and threatened Diego with her life


14. Elena cried three times in the movie. When were these times? (Warning... Trick Question!)

A: The first was when she was a baby, and Montero and Diego were fighting directly before Esperanza was killed. The second time was when Diego threatened Montero in his home and demanded that she be told the truth of her identity, and the third was while she grieved both "fathers," one of which who had been a scoundrel, the other whom she had never known.


15. What color is Elena's horse?

A:   It's a palomino ~ golden and white


16. How long has Elena had the proper instruction?

A:   Since she was four


17. What did Elena say to complete this sentence?: "Padre, is everything all right? It sounds..."

A:   "... as if there's a battle going on out there!"


18. How many times did Elena wear gloves?

A: Once, when she first arrived from Spain and was given the Romania flowers. They were of a transparent white material, with a row of lace at the top.


19. Does Elena wear her hair up or down?

A:   Mainly down, pulled back with a clip, though in the parting scene it is shown up.


20. Which leg can be seen through the slit in her petticoat?

A:   Her right


21. Alejandro insults Captain Love by saying that he was trying to dance, while Elena was succeeding. What was Elena's facial expression at that moment?

A:   A smirk somewhere between admiration and disbelief


Well, how did you do? If you got most of the answers right, you're either a very observant person... or you're cheating. <grin> I hope you had fun, and if you have any bits of trivia to add to this questionnaire, do send it in!