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Gun & Games: Mask of Zorro Quiz

Think you're familiar enough with the film to answer these questions? Keep in mind... this is the easy version! I'd like to thank Krissy, Catherine, and Elisabeth for helping me with it. To see the answers, highlight the blank area beneath the question.

1.Why did Alejandro ask Elena to dance? 

Because the Dons left the table without him, and he knew for certain that it would get the attention of Raphael.


2.Why did Captain Love say that the Compa Indians would eat the eyes of their enemies?

They believed that in doing so, they were able to see through their eyes. 



3.What did Captain Love and Don Raphael run up to the window to see?

A flaming Z in the field, set on fire by Diego, to provide a distraction while Alejandro slipped into the hacienda to steal the map.


4.What did Elena want from Zorro in the barn scene?

"Whatever it is you stole from my father, I want it back, give it to me!"


5.How many guards did Zorro rid himself of on his way to the mine?

Six- he unseated all of them.


6. How many guards did Alejandro say were at the mine?

"25... 30 guards at most."


7.Who is the movie Directed by? 

Martian Campell, director of "Goldeneye"


8. Why is Elena upset at Alejandro after they danced at the party?

Because he originated that particular dance, and blamed it on her when Raphael showed displeasure. ("Your daughter is a very spirited dancer... if that is the way they are dancing in Madrid these days...")


9. What is Diego's wife's first name? 



10. What did the nanny hang on Elena's crib daily?



11. What color are Captain Harrison Love's eyes?



12. How did Diego escape from jail?

By impersonating a dead inmate


13. Why didn't Diego kill Raphael when he returned from Spain?

Elena came ashore


14. What is Alejandro's brother's name?



15. What did Zorro give the two boys for helping him?

A pendant


16. What color was Elena's dress when she first arrived from Spain with Raphael?

Yellow and Blue


17. What color was it at the fiesta?

Black, Red, and White


18. What color was Alejandro's coat at the fiesta?



19. What color was Raphael's coat at the fiesta?



20. What was Diego's servant alias?



21. Why is Alejandro out to kill Captain Harrison Love?

Love forced Joaquin into killing himself


22. Where did Three-Fingered Jack, Alejandro and Joaquin kidnap the mayor from?

His outhouse ("I ain't even mentioned! Ain't I the one that figured to kidnap the mayor from his own outhouse? I am the holy guts of this gang; without me, the whole dang opera falls apart!"... :)


23. Where did Raphael take the Dons?

Trick question: To El Dorado in a carriage



24. What was deceitful about paying Santa Anna with the gold from the mine?

It was on HIS land!!



25. Why did they want to kill all the prisoners at the mine?

They might tell Santa Anna what love and Montero were up to



26. What did Raphael say to Captain Love about the war?

"My horse could win this war better than you!"



27. How did Raphael escape being killed by Diego when they were fighting at El Dorado?

He grabbed Elena, held a gun to her throat, and threatened to shoot her (nice guy, huh?)



28. What did Alejandro call his horse?

Blackie, Thunder, Storm! (Along with... "You estupido! Come here now!...")



29. What did Elena and Alejandro do at the fiesta that made Raphael mad?

They danced in a "very spirited" way



30. What did Elena confess?

That she had dishonored her father by having impure thoughts about a man


31. Is Elena and Alejandro's child a boy . . . or a girl, and what was its name?

He's a boy, and his name is Joaquin.


1-5 right: You need to see the movie again.
5-13: You should really pay more attention.
13-18: Hey, not bad at all!
18-23 right: You're pretty darn good!
23 right: You're as obsessed as WE are!