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The Mask of Zorro Sequel

I've been asked numerous times if I have any information to offer on the possibility of a Zorro sequel, considering the success of the original version. (It was a blockbuster triumph and made Columbia Tri-Star millions, both in box office sales, rentals, and videos.)  The answer is... YES! It was unofficial until a few months ago when director Martin Campbell released a press statement saying that the sequel (tentatively titled "Zorro Unmasked") was in the writing process. Filming is due to begin as soon as Campbell finishes filming "The Notebook." The film's release is scheduled for the summer of 2003.

In a recent chat with MSN members, Antonio Banderas made the statement that he's been signed onto the cast, alongside Catherine Zeta-Jones. The script is pretty uncertain at this point, but it is believed that Elena will take up the sword alongside her husband. It may or may not include a continuation of the fight for California against Santa Anna... I personally believe that it will. 

If you have any information, beliefs, or rumors, please let me know! I would love to post a line of credit toward you alongside your inside information.