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Sound Clips

These wavs have been highly compressed to save downloading time and space. If you cannot play them, click here to download it for free! Once you download, run the file to install the code. AOL does not play wavs that aren't 8-bit or 16-bit. To hear the wavs, open them up in your Sound Recorder program.


"I want you to live with the knowledge that you have lost everything that you hold dear. I want you to suffer as I have suffered, knowing that your child should have been mine." ~ Raphael


"Hey, I thought you were tied up!" "That is because you are stupid!" ~ Soldier & Juaquin

"Zorro's People"

"In fact, I put it to you: Who in your entire history has ever helped you?" "Zorro! Zorro fought for the people!" <cheer> "Unless I am mistaken, he hasn't shown himself in twenty years! Twenty years!" ~ Raphael & the Padre


"I've never lost a fight!" ~ Alejandro

"The Apprentice"

"You know, there is a saying, a very old saying... 'When the pupil is ready, the master will appear.' " ~ Diego


"Now, if you want to kill this man, I can help you and I can teach you how, how to move, how to think, how to take your revenge with honor and live to celebrate it. It will take dedication, and it will take time." ~ Diego

"The Pointy End"

Do you know how to use that thing?" "Yes... Pointy end goes into the other man." <sigh> "This is going to take a lot of work." ~ Diego & Alejandro


"Zorro was a servant of the people; he was not a seeker of fame like you!" ~ Diego

"He is Needed"

"Zorro did what was needed." "And now he's needed again." ~ Diego & Alejandro


"I need sanctuary, Father. You know me!" "Zorro? Of course I know you! Zorro... is it really you?" ~ Alejandro & Padre:


"Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned. It has been three days since my last confession." "Three days? How many sins could you have committed in three days?! Come back when you have more time, please!" ~ Elena & Alejandro 


"Well, I try to behave properly the way my father would like me to be, but I am afraid my heart is too wild." ~ Elena

"Broken Commandments"

"I have broken the forth commandment, Padre." "You killed somebody??" No, that is not the forth commandment!" ~ Elena & Alejandro


"I had impure thoughts about a man!" <gasp> "I did! I think he was a bandit or something... He wore a black mask." ~ Elena & Alejandro


"But something in his eyes captured me." "Captured you?" "I felt warm... feverish..." ~ Elena & Alejandro


"Forgive me?" ..... <sigh> "I forgive you." ~ Elena & Alejandro


"Sometimes he seems so arrogant, so superior. And yet the way that he looks at me and the way he dances with me... it's as if he were two completely different men." ~ Elena

"A Gentleman?"

"Me?? .... a gentleman?? .... This is going to take a lot of work." ~ Alejandro

"An Insult"

"Why don't you try looking somewhere else? The lady and I were trying to dance." "You were trying... she was succeeding!" ~ Captain Love & Alejandro


"My nienita once told me that a party can see you in the moonlight. So when I was young I used to sneak out of my window at night and ride my horse across Santa Lucia and wave at the sky so that she would know it was me." ~ Elena

"Love & Loss"

"I miss my brother, sir!" "Your brother is dead! We lose the ones we love; we cannot change it. Put it aside!" ~ Alejandro & Diego


"How? ... How can I do what is needed? ... when all I feel is... hate?" ~ Alejandro

"The Mask"

"You hide it. With this." ~ Diego


"And then what?" "Well, if you are ready, we will both tempt our fates." ~ Alejandro & Diego


"Alejandro, I have taught you everything you need to survive. Now I must look to my own heart. Elena is all I have left; I'm not going to lose her again." ~ Diego

"A New Zorro"

"What about California?! What about the people?" "They still have Zorro." ~ Alejandro & Diego


"Give it back." "What?" "Whatever it is you have stolen from my father, I want it back! Give it to me!" ~ Elena

"Proper Instruction"

"I don't have the time to give you the proper instruction." "I have had the 'proper instruction' since I was four." ~ Alejandro & Elena

"Masked Bandit"

"What are you doing here? What happened?!" "Zorro! Zorro was here! I fought him and he left. He left!" "Do you recognize him?" "No... but he was young and vigorous.... He was very vigorous, Father." ~ Raphael & Elena

"The Truth at Last"

"Tell her... how her mother died." "Your daughter is lost, De le Vega. You cannot have mine." "De le Vega? A woman in town... she told me... Diego De le Vega? ..... Father?" "His name is of no consequence." ~ Diego, Raphael & Elena


"Raphael... she knows." ~ Diego


"But don't worry, little Juaquin, whenever great deeds are remembered, your grandfather will live on. For them there is to always---always!!---be a Zorro! And someday, when he is needed again, we will see him again, on his fearsome steed Tornado, riding in the wind, his sword blazing in the sun!" ~ Alejandro


"When I sleep I will dream of this dashing rogue, El Zorro. But what face shall I give him?" "He has been many different men, but he has loved you as all of them." ~ Elena & Alejandro