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Ravenwood Graphics Presents Desktop Wallpapers for our viewer's enjoyment. I add regularly to my collection, and ask that you only refrain from altering my works. Please ask before reproducing elsewhere - these are for personal enjoyment only. I've put a lot of work into them.

All wallpapers were created for a 600 x 800 resolution. To choose one, click on the thumbnail, wait until the download is complete, then right-click and say "Set as Wallpaper." You may need to resize or adjust it on your desktop. Windows users can do this by going to the Control Panel, then Display, and choosing the correct resolution and/or sizing. (Stretch or Center.) 


Alejandro, Elena, Diego Elena de le Vega Montero Murietta Elena de le Vega Montero Muritetta zorro1.jpg (33402 bytes)

zorro2.jpg (39845 bytes) The Mask of Zorro zorromazk.jpg (63878 bytes) death.jpg (79821 bytes) lovedance.jpg (61831 bytes)